The DaVinci Vaporizer Reviews

After what seemed like an eternity, a new vaporizer finally showed up at our door to be prodded, tested, and reviewed.   Newly released is The DaVinci Vaporizer. The DaVinci is a high end portable vaporizer designed by Karma Classic and I’m pretty impressed with it.



There are some very cool features of this vaporizer that do not exist in other current portable models that are worth mentioning so lets dive right in and do this vaporizer review:

  • This unit is powered by rechargeable batteries and is able to go for 45 minutes straight on a battery charge.  Unlike the Arizer, the DaVinci can be used while the unit is charging.
  • There are some VERY cool features that are unique to the DaVinci Vaporizer that make it very appealing to me.  This unit is super portable, more so than either of the reigning champions.   It’s smaller than both Arizer and Wispr, measuring in at 4″ x 2.3″ x 1″.   The flexi-straw whip screws off very easily but in many cases isn’t necessary to remove because the whip is so flexible.
  • Another unique feature that i found GENIUS is the semi secret internal storage chamber.  There is no other portable unit on the market that has on board storage.   You can also fit a oil can in here (more on that in a minute).
  • Next to the storage container is a built in brush that can be pulled out and used to clean as well as to open the oil can.  This is awesome.  Other portable vaporizers give u a brush but its up to you to find a way to carry it, which usually results in the user either not bringing it, or losing it if they decide to take it along.
  • The oil canister is such a brilliant idea.  The unit comes with 2 small canisters that are used for concentrates and oils.  This makes things SO much easier for people to manage.   You can pre fill the canister at home, put it in the internal storage chamber, and use when whenever necessary.  To use it, you simply drop the canister into the main heating chamber and you are ready to go.
  • If you aren’t using the concentrate and oil canister, you simply put your herb, plant, material, etc into the main heating chamber.  Yet another cool feature is the fact that the bottom of whip has an auxiliary 2nd chamber that is much smaller than the main chamber and can be used for small doses, concentrates, or even if you wanted to have a little herb mixed in when using the oil canister.
  • Heat up time was very good and on par with the two competitors.  The battery indicator icon is very helpful.
  • The DaVinci is very easy to operate. There are 2 power buttons to prevent accidental activation.  Simply slide the power button on the side upwards, then hit the hit the power button on the front, use the + and – key to get to the temperature you want, and watch.  The temperature will start going up rapidly and the red light will be on indicating its heating up.  Once it gets to the temperature you want, you will see it on the LCD but also the red light will turn to green indicating its ready.

I really like the little details about this unit.  For example the area above the main filing chamber is at a downward angle so if you spilt some herb while filling it, this helps funnel the herb into the chamber.

I’m seriously impressed with the DaVinci Vaporizer and this is most definitely going in my exclusive portable vaporizer rotation.  The combo of size, design, and features makes this a no brainer for me to be honest. I have a feeling this vaporizer is going to blow up in popularity very soon.