California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts Legalize Recreational Marijuana

If you haven’t heard the news, in the election last night all of the following states have voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol: California, Massachusetts, and Nevada. We will likely see more states fall into the same line as well, because several other states have now passed medicinal laws such as: Florida, Arkansas, and a few others. The time for marijuana legalization has come, and the country is ready for a big change. If we are going to make a large impact, then we will certainly see a huge increase in the number of people who are using marijuana to treat illnesses and other medical conditions. Our company is dedicated to providing the latest news and information related to this industry so that we can keep you informed about any progress that’s being made in this field of study. It’s very important that we are vocal about who we support and why we support them, so we can make our critics understand our positions, and why we have chosen to represent this type of learning.  A lot of people expected California to legalize, but not many people predicted that the east coast states would legalize the drug, as this area of the country has always been a bit more conservative.  But it’s true, now Massachusetts and Maine have both legalized recreational use of marijuana, and this trend will likely continue state by state as lawmakers see the good that it’s doing all across the country, and the extra tax revenue that these programs are bringing in.

Marijuana Legalization Also Coming To Maine

We have also just gotten word that the results from Maine are in, and they have legalized recreational marijuana there for all adults 21 years or older, and are also allowing the cultivation of up to 6 marijuana plants at your personal residence.  This is a huge step in the cannabis legalization movement, and it will likely cause more east coast states to join the revolution, and also allow the use of this harmless plant within their borders.  This is a huge step in the movement for nationwide legalization, because previously the only place on the east coast where marijuana was legal was Washington DC, but now we have Massachusetts and Maine to add to that list in a glorious victory for the cannabis movement this current election cycle.  It’s a very exciting time, and we will likely see some more states move towards this path towards a sensible approach to marijuana in the coming months.  Arizona chose not to legalize this cycle, but we did get medical programs in Arkansas, Florida, and other locations, so it’s not a total loss.  Overall, this has been the biggest day for recreational marijuana since the legalization in Colorado back in 2012.